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Our company is HelperMatch Employment Agency
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With the development of the Internet and applications, employers in Hong Kong are more inclined to use computers and mobile phones as the tool for carrying out their daily affairs. In view of this, HelperMatch was established since 2016 as the provoker in as employment agency , we have set a precedent in the employment industry, integrating more than 20 years of experience in handling employment services with electronic platforms, and successfully developed a comprehensive electronic online employment service system. Our mission is "Let our employer find good helpers".

We aim to seamlessly connect employers and helpers online, so that employers can meet more conveniently anytime, anywhere, and improve the matching success rate. In addition, we will convert the cost savings into a discount for our employer, so that they can enjoy better service at a better price. Therefore, we can guarantee the price and service speed of “Fastest To Arrive" in Hong Kong.

In addition, in terms of training, the Philippines and Indonesia offices and training centers will provide support for a large number of training courses. Many schools and medical institutions have also participated in the cooperation in order to provide the most professional training services for helpers. Furthermore, all helpers are strictly selected. We also set up our own training center in Central, Hong Kong to continuously improve the skills of helpers and provide comprehensive after-sales follow-up services, so that employers can feel more at ease in hiring their helpers.

With the experience and expertise accumulated in the foreign domestic helper business over the past 20 years, we strive to meet the needs of different clients. Our professional and huge hiring service and logistics team will escort you in an all-round way and handle your needs for hiring services at different levels.

# Our group and partners hold the license of the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong