Privacy Policy and Personal Data Collection Declaration

Privacy Policy Declaration
Please note that this Declaration can be edited without further notice, and you should regularly check and read the latest version. HelperMatch Employment Agency (the Company) promises to abide by the requirements and fulfil the responsibilities outlined by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the Ordinance). Our staff will keep secure and confidential all personal data collected/saved/used by the Company under instruction of the Ordinance.

Methods and aims of personal data collection

  • Signing or processing documents required for employing foreign domestic helpers;
  • Using our employment referral services;
  • Browsing the Company website;
  • Contacting the Company for enquiries or complaints;
  • Joining events such as promotional activities, competitions or lucky draws through the Company; and
  • Voice recording of conversation between client and the Company’s customer services staff for training and enquiry purposes.

Types of personal data collected
The Company will collect personal data including but not limited to:

  • Personal information provided on documents required for employing foreign domestic helper or upon the request of Immigration Department and/or the consulate;
  • HKID card copy and number used for identity verification;
  • Employer and his/her family member(s) full name in Chinese and English, HKID card numbers and dates of birth;
  • Copy of proof of relationship of clients;
  • Contact number and email address of clients;
  • Proof of address and/or copy of tenancy agreement of clients;
  • Proof of income which may include copies of monthly bank statements, passbook and bank account details;
  • Recording of clients’ call to the Company in the form of notes or voice recording; and
  • Emails or letters sent to the Company

Storage of personal data

  • All personal data will be stored until the original/directly related aims of collecting such data have been reached. This excludes any personal data that are required to be stored according to any applicable law or contract terms.
  • According to this principle as well as the Company’s internal procedures, personal data will be deleted from the Company’s storage systems after a designated storage time.

Security of personal data
Only Company staff which, from the Company’s viewpoint, is required to provide suitable service or will conduct related work processes are allowed to use clients’ personal data. We have a set of security precautions and measures drafted in accordance to legal requirements in order to protect clients’ personal data.

Use of personal data
The Company is entitled to use and analyse personal data for purposes including but not limited to:

  • Personal information provided on documents required for employing foreign domestic helper or upon the request of Immigration Department and/or the consulate;
  • HKID card copy and number used for identity verification;
  • Processing clients’ enquiries and providing relative progress/ newest information;
  • Providing or processing services purchased by client;
  • Providing assistance in response to clients’ enquiry, including investigation or solving problems that have affected service quality;
  • Issuing bills regarding the use of the Company’s services;
  • Responding to enquiries/complaints;
  • Keeping records for future reference;
  • Promotional services of the Company;
  • Assisting the company in preventing fraud or crime;
  • Contacting the client when necessary; and
  • Disclosable items allowed or demanded by law.

Disclosure/sharing of personal data
The Company will keep all personal data confidential, but may disclose information to the following parties:

  • Authorities, government departments, regulators, courts or organizations appointed by law;
  • Overseas suppliers;
  • Banks or credit card companies; and
  • Professional consultants, including lawyers and auditors.

Collection of personal data through Internet
The Company strives to protect clients’ personal data; however total security cannot be guaranteed due to features of the Internet. Our websites may disclose collected visitor counts and/or related statistics that cannot identify personal information to advertisers. Our websites may collect information including but not limited to visitor count, internet browser type and version, system of operation, IP address and/or domain.

Unless stated otherwise, the Company will only collect record of your visit to our websites but not any of your personal data. Cookies (if applied on our websites) will not be used to collect any personal data. Cookies are small computer files that can be saved in the website users’ personal computer, and are used to save configuration data and analyse/track browsing behaviour of the user on the website. After cookies are saved, they will not be re-applied if the user browses the website again. You may edit your internet or browser settings to disable cookies, but this may cause you to be unable to browse or launch certain features on our websites. Our websites may block users that have disabled cookies. 

To provide more information and services to our users, our Company websites may link with other websites (third parties). Third parties may collect users’ personal data, including but not limited to name, contact number and email address upon usage of their services. They may collect personal data in accordance to their own privacy policies but they are not regulated by the Company’s own privacy policy. 

Access and correction of personal data

  • According to regulations, unless in certain exempted circumstances, all clients are entitled to the following rights:
  • Enquiring if the Company holds their personal data, and requesting for a copy of such data;
  • Requesting the Company to correct any incorrect personal data; and
  • Understanding the Company’s policies and rules of thumb regarding personal data as well as the type(s) of personal data the Company holds.
  • The company is allowed to charge a reasonable fee regarding the handling of personal data access requested by the client. All such requests must be made in written form and faxed to us/emailed to [email protected].

You are welcome to make any enquiries regarding the above declaration.

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