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Overseas / local caregiver services

Service contents and charges of overseas nurses

Overseas nurse service charge
Service charge (Philippine or Indonesian nurse)Monthly salary of workers (depending on the working experience and qualifications of nursing staff and the complexity of patient care)
$14,980 up
$5,630 up

Costs include:

·Local housekeeping and language training fees
·Overseas and local self examination
·Contract confirmation fee of Indonesian / Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong
·Visa fee for first entry to Hong Kong
·One way ticket to Hong Kong
·Specially assigned person to pick up the plane to our company
·(not applicable to male Helpers)
·Assistant maid Hong Kong Identity Card
·Maid documents and exit fee
·Labour legislation consultation
·Free training courses for domestic helpers in Hong Kong
·Change oversea/local helper within half year period with speical rate (subject to relevant terms)
·First year Hong Kong labour insurance
·Excluding Philippine insurance ($1220)
·Provide home care course services for the elderly after arrival in Hong Kong