Local Maid

Contents and charges of local maid services

In order to meet the urgent needs of some employers, we have a large number of foreign domestic helpers who can be interviewed immediately for employers to choose. Employers can first select suitable domestic helpers on our website, and then contact our staff to arrange personal interviews and interviews with our company. When interviewing the helper, the employer can understand the helper's past work experience and conversation, so as to be more reassured.

Charges for local maid services
Local Indonesian MaidLocal  Filipino maid

Costs include:

Confirmation fee for contract issued by Indonesian / Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong
Visa fee for first entry to Hong Kong
Labour legislation consultation
Hong Kong self examination
Free training courses for domestic helpers in Hong Kong
Replace an overseas maid / local maid/ local overseas maid at a preferential price within half a year (subject to relevant terms)
Including Philippines OWWA membership fee ($196)