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  • Direct Hire $4,998
    Renewal $1,298
    Price Guarantee , most convenient
    Finished-contract and oversea maids
    No charges if unsuccessful
    (Offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions)

Service aspects

Direct hire domestic helper, Renewal contract

Price guarantee Lowest in the city
  • Make sure you pay the best price*
  • If you find a lower price, we promise to refund the difference*
Experienced and professional team
  • Our team has more than twenty years of experience in providing maid employment services
  • Labour Dept Employment Agency license
  • Consulate license BAC To Operate an Indonesian Employment Agency #
  • Consulate license BAC To Operate an Philippines Employment Agency #
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  • Online application takes only ten minutes
  • No need to come our office, the document will be sent to your home
* Service plan details please read our our terms and conditions
# Our partner hold licenses from the consulate of Indonesia and the consulate of the Philippines.

*「Price guarantee」
We do daily check to every agency and ensure you get the best deal. You will arrange the refund service, if you find the service is overpriced.

* Our「Price guarantee」includes:
  • A refund of price difference can be obtained if the documents are submitted to the Hong Kong consulate one day before.
  • A refund of price difference can be requested, with a maximum of HK$1,000 (if you find the same service at a lower price on another website).

* Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a “direct hire” for domestic helpers?

  • A direct hire is when an employer finds and hires a domestic helper on their own (such as from a friend’s recommendation), often without the help of an agency. It’s not uncommon for employers to find exceptional candidates through their own network, but direct hiring would also require them to interview candidates and prepare and submit all the paperwork on their own.
    If you want to direct hire a domestic helper, look no further than HelperMatch’s Bring Your Own Maid service. Our comprehensive service helps you take care of the entire application process, from visa application to contract notarization and flight arrangement.
  • What is a terminated domestic helper? Can I terminate my domestic helper’s contract?

  • The contract length for domestic helpers in Hong Kong is 2 years. Any domestic helpers who get their contract terminated before the end of that duration are considered a terminated domestic helper.
    If the termination is not the fault of the employee (such as when an employer decides to emigrate or can no longer afford to hire a maid), the laid-off domestic helper can apply to the Immigration Department to continue working in Hong Kong temporarily and look for a new employer.
    Meanwhile, the ongoing pandemic has also made it harder to hire domestic helpers from overseas. As many employers prefer to hire helpers who are already working in Hong Kong, job hopping has also become more prevalent in recent times. To combat this, the Immigration Department has tightened the policies and Filipino/ Indonesian domestic helpers are now required to leave Hong Kong and resend their job applications in their home country when their contracts are terminated.
    At HelperMatch, all domestic helpers are carefully selected and will not result in job-hopping, leading to unfairness and inconvenience to the employers.
  • It’s my first time hiring a domestic helper. How can I find the best maid for my family?

  • Different domestic helpers with different profiles and backgrounds will each have their strengths and weaknesses. Generally speaking, a candidate’s family and religious background, education level, work experience, and interview performance are all important factors to consider, but there’s much more to it than that.
    Picking out the perfect maid for your family is no easy task. If this is your first time hiring, we recommend working with HelperMatch, where our experienced staff here will guide you through every step of the process and make the best hire.
  • I don’t have any domestic helpers in mind. How can HelperMatch help me?

  • With a large pool of overseas Filipino/ Indonesian domestic helpers, we can match their profiles according to your expectations and criteria ( experience, language proficiency, etc.).
    If you are in urgent need of a domestic helper, we have a number of profiles on hand too. These helpers are experienced and fluent in Cantonese and can be immediately available for work.