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Direct hire Indonesian in H.K. - Complete contract - application procedure

  • Helper
    submits documents
    1 week

  • Uploads
    application information
    1 day

  • Customer
    signs documents
    3 - 7 day

  • Processing
    contract & visa
    3 - 4 week
  • We will contact the domestic helper first, ensure the helper is eligible for the application and collect the necessary documents provided by the helper.
  • After receiving domestic helper’s documents, we will contact the customer and upload the application information. The customer will receive all application forms by post within three working days.
  • Customer needs to check the content of documents, sign all the documents and send back with the attached envelope by a courier.
  • The documents will be sent directly to the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong with a notarization the contact and Hong Kong Immigration Department for issuing a working visa.

Service charge:-
  • Contract notarization fee
  • Employment visa fee
  • HK Medical Check Up (X-Ray for Chest, Pregnancy Test, HbsAg Test, Anti-HIV Test, VDRL Test)
  • No any service charge collected from domestic helpers

Remark: Additional $1000 processing fee will be charged if the helper is being hired as a driver, or the contract is being terminated due to relocation, pass away or financial problem of previous employer.

「Processing Time」
To facilitate your domestic helper application, please ensure to submit all required documents.

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Direct hire Indonesian in H.K. - Complete contract
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Direct hire Indonesian in H.K. - Complete contract
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